HP Spectre XT Pro UltraBook

HP Spectre XT Pro UltraBook / Intel Core i5-2467M / 13.3 / 4GB / 128GB / Windows 7 Professional / Laptop
4.0 1
تولید کننده: اچ پی
وضعیت موجودی: موجود است
فروشنده: فروشگاه تابان
31,500,000 ریال
33,600,000 ریال

Introducing HP ENVY Spectre XT, the Ultrabook designed for those who want style without sacrificing substance. It's sleek. It's thin. And with Intel. Corer i5 processor and premium materials, it's designed to go anywhere from the bistro to the boardroom, it's unlike anything you've ever seen from HP.

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نوع CPU Intel Core i5
حافظه RAM 1GB
تولیدکننده لپ تاپ HP
ظرفیت هارد 64GB
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